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The birth of Benta.com.ph comes from a strong vision and a big hearth with eagerness to serve the community during the surge of the Pandemic.

March 2020, a young and recent widow Leian Maree was approached by a friend to capitalized a simple 3 ply surgical mask so that they will be able to re sell it online to make money for the family in the Philippines that have recently lost their jobs.

Armed with a little knowledge about online re selling, the group of 3 friends who are now the recent co- owner of the company, have conducted online research from reputable sources, got connected with proper business channels and have learned the business trends of the medical supplies in the Philippines.

On the 8t h day of their business, they had landed a million peso deal, that’s became the reason why they decided to register benta.com.ph as a sole proprietorship income generating company.

Benta.com.ph Vision aims to empower local online re sellers, to earn at least 500 pesos per day to get by on their daily needs by selling and patronizing locally made products by Filipinos specially products that is authentically manufactured and being produced by our local “tribe” farmers.

However in the height of the Covid 19 where people have adopted new Normal Essentials for 3 ply mask, PPE sets, Alcohol, Gloves, Face Shield became the reason why the foundation of the company have shifted into providing “The New Normal Basic Needs” for the service for our kababayans’ and to uplift local manufacturers that is unable to reach out their local market.

Bridging the gap between the manufacturer to the end user at the convenience and comfort of their homes they are now venturing with TOK TOK delivery service to better serve the market.

In less than a year Benta.com.ph (www.benta.com.ph) have grown exponentially from single Proprietorship to SEC registered Corporation with few more local and international partners and is continuing to grow as they are committing a generous portion of their income to help the underprivileged people, communities, people that unrecognized by the government, the elders, the orphans, the singles moms and people that are struggling to have a decent place in the society.

Benta.com.ph welcomes online re-sellers, local partners and international opportunities to bring in fruitful business to the Philippine market. Let’s us earn together!

Company is to be sustainable in sales and to build a long term business ventures with local owners, producers and manufacturers to ensure that the products we are delivering to the market are guaranteed, tested and proven legitimate.

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