About Our Online Store

Benta.com.ph is an affordable and easy-to-use Online Business Platform made by
Filipinos for the Filipino people. Our aim is to connect Sources and Suppliers of
Philippine Products and Services directly to buyers and re-sellers who want an added
source of income.
Sources and Suppliers are all Filipinos who are planning or have started their own
business and want their business to grow through selling directly to buyers and finding
re-sellers for their products and services. Benta.com.ph wants to cut the hefty price of
having a commercial middle man. We want Filipinos to earn more and have a
sustainable and consistent income flow through the creation of jobs, promotion and
selling of Proud Pinoy Products. For the buyers, we want them to have access to
affordable and quality products.
Our current products consists of New Normal Essentials such as high quality masks,
PPE suits, rapid testing kits and cleaning items–all with the aim of keeping everyone
safe at this time of pandemic.

Our mission is to empower every Filipino to start and build their own business,
to be profitable and be financially secured with or without a pandemic by
providing them Benta.com.ph, an Online Business Platform–For the Filipinos, By
the Filipinos

Benta.com.ph began from the desire of the owner, Leian Maree to help her
fellow Filipinos not only to be physically safe at this time of COVID-19 pandemic
but also be financially secured in the midst of a global economic recession.

Benta.com.ph is uniquely positioned as an affordable option for Filipinos to
promote and showcase their business online without the huge costs of setting
up their online business and reaching their target clients.

It is a friendly and no-nonsense marketplace For Filipinos, By the Filipinos

We want to empower individuals and small business owners to grow their
business by connecting Proud Pinoy Product Suppliers and Sources to potential
buyers and re-sellers.

Build an online database for all Pinoy Products and Services including but not
limited to: locally made handicrafts, farm produce (beans, cacao, etc), NGOs,
government agencies